Liberal Candidate for Lake Melville
Activity in the Community
Tshinaskumitin - Nakummek - Thank You
Residents of Lake Melville - Thank You!
Perry and Roxanne canvassing Cartwright Rd. (larger version)
Canvassing on Cartwright Road
August 10, 2015 - Perry, with Roxanne Dyson Rideout, canvass Cartwright Road.
Pride Week Flag Raising Ceremony - HVGB (larger version)
Safe Alliance Pride Week, Flag-Raising Ceremony
August 10, 2015 - Perry speaking at and supporting the start of the Safe Alliance Pride Week, flag-raising ceremony.
Rotary Jr. High Speak Off (larger version)
‎Rotary International Junior High School Speak Off
May 20, 2015: Lake Melville's future leaders were in fine form at this annual event. Congratulations to Nicholas Well, Abigail Blackmore, Emily Andrews, Stefan Karaivanov, Craig Colbourne, Michaela Cabot, Tamara Anthony, Morgan Janes, Eric Jacque, Anna Karaivanov, and Paige Langlois.
Ice water rescue training (larger version)
Ice Water Rescue Training
May 17, 2015: Perry joined several of his Ground Search and Rescue Team mates in practicing these important life-saving skills. The winter of 2014-2015 was one of the busiest in the long history of this Team.
Support from Labrador's Liberal MHAs (larger version)
‎Support from Labrador's Liberal MHAs
May 14, 2015: Lisa Dempster and Randy Edmunds drop by to participate in Lake Melville District Association. Their support is very much appreciated!
Labradorians of Distinction Award (larger version)
‎Labradorians of Distinction
May 1, 2015: MP for Labrador Yvonne Jones announces new program to recognize those who have worked to make Labrador a better place.
Loretta Saunders Tribute (larger version)
‎Loretta Saunders Tribute
April 29, 2015: As a unified sign of support, Labrador supporters wore purple for the day. Here Perry joined Margaret Parsons and Wilma Dyson who were also thinking about ‎Loretta.
Rotary Sr. High Speak Off (larger version)
‎Senior High Speak Off
April 27, 2015: Congratulations to Avery Brown, Connor Crocker, Louna Fezoui, Rachel Goudie, Aaron Harris, Julia Kelland, Frankie Leonard, Kaely Marquis, and Tiffany Parsons on all those excellent and thought-provoking speeches.
‎Jobs at Muskrat Falls
April 19, 2015: Due to mounting frustration of finding or staying employed on the Lower Churchill Project, Perry joined Yvonne and Mary Snelgrove at the Masonic Lodge. Then and over subsequent weeks, dozens of files have been prepared and submitted to Nalcor Energy and others for consideration. While there have been successes as a result of this team approach, too many ‎are still waiting for an opportunity.
Mud Lake United Church (larger version)
Mud Lake United Church
April 16, 2015 - Yvonne and I went over to meet with local residents on the status of the beautiful church. The foundation is starting to show signs of deterioration and needs attention. Perry returned in June with two architects for an initial inspection. The work is ongoing to determine a workable solution.
Rotary Snowmobile Rally Fundraiser (larger version)
‎Snowmobile Rally for Rotary International
March 28, 2015: Now this was a great way to raise money to aid in the fight against polio. Dozens of snowmobilers visited different locations to make their 'Poker Hand' - thousands of vaccines were funded in this fundraiser.
Passing of Mel Woodward Sr.
March 16, 2015: This tremendous contributor and leader of Labrador's economy has passed away. Accolades and condolences immediately poured in from far and wide. Perhaps one of Mel Woodward's most important legacies is that he believed in the people and region of Labrador. He supported numerous individuals who wanted to improve themselves through education or political (i.e., Liberal) pursuits. Also of note was that he maintained the headquarters of his expanding business empire in Labrador - despite many overtures to relocate. Mel Woodward was truly a pioneer and will be missed by all those that he helped in his 81 years.
Melville Mantas Fundraiser
March 14, 2015: Over 100 gathered at the Masonic Lodge for a catered meal and silent auction to support the local swim team. Travel costs and a larger pool, continue to be the challenges for this energetic and successful part of the sports community.
Mokami Status of Women AGM (larger version)
Mokami Status of Women Council AGM
March 6, 2015 – as part of the International Women's Day celebrations, MSWC held a luncheon with special presentations by Jean Crane and Rita Saunders. This organization has been operating for 30 years and while it faces great challenges still, much progress has been made on supporting.
Alf Jacques Fundraiser
February 28, 2015 – About 300 people joined the Flummies, Reformation and other entertainers for a community party at the Legion to raise money for an important friend. Alf is ill and resides in St. John's where he will appreciate the over $13,000 raised by his friends and family. Appreciation should be extended to all who volunteered their time and dollars to make this evening such a success.
Holly Chaulk Fundraiser
February 27, 2015 – Perry and Caroline were able to make a financial donation to support this young mother who is ill and facing many challenges. The community event in Mud Lake was able to raise over $3,000. Appreciation is extended to Henry White and others for their role in raising the profile of the event.
Anti-Bullying Day - Perry with Zoey (larger version)
Anti-bullying Day
February 25, 2015 – on Twitter…'Let's think about #PinkShirtDay year round, long after the snow goes from Lake Melville'.
GSAR in Natuashish (larger version)
Ground Search and Rescue Team Responds to Natuashish
February 19-25, 2015 - Perry joined his team mates on the extensive search for James Poker during February. Working by snowshoe, the Team completed intensive grid patterns around the community working co-operatively with the Team from Makkovik and residents of Natuashish. Unfortunately, James was found dead from exposure. It was a tough effort and disappointing end but it was important to be a part of this community collaboration.
Goose Bay Airport Corporation AGM
GBAC is doing well, being led by a strong staff and board. 2014 saw 163,399 passengers (an increase of 25%) pass through the terminal. Plans are underway to further expand facilities to accommodate the construction worker traffic associated with the Lower Churchill Project.
Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser 2015 (larger version)
Homelessness Coalition Pancake Breakfast
February 16-17, 2015 – Despite another winter storm, Perry joined others to set up the College of the North Atlantic for this annual fundraiser. Many pancakes were served the next morning to raise money and profile for this important cause. Here is Perry with an important co-ordinator for this cause, Denise Coles.
Northern Exposure Conference and Trade Show
January 27-28, 2015 – Perry attended this second event in St. John's that was organized by the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce. Various organizations provided updates on their resource development projects in Labrador.
Liberal Party Announces Labrador Must Retain Four Seats
January 20, 2015 – Dwight Ball announces three amendments to Bill 42 including that the number of electoral districts in Labrador must not be reduced. Perry joined in discussions with Labrador and Newfoundland colleagues to seek support. Government later agreed to NOT reduce the seats in Labrador. This was an important 'community' issue since Labrador's voice in provincial decision-making needs to be stronger – not weaker.
Lake Melville District Association of the Provincial Liberal Party AGM
January 14, 2015 – several interested in preparing for the upcoming election showed up for the AGM. A brand new team led by Henry Windeler as President, Mark Urquahart as Vice-President, Randy Whitehorne as Treasurer and Caroline Hong as Secretary indicates a new approach combining fresh ideas with the legacy of of the Liberal Party in this region. Other Board Members representing communities and special interest groups have also been appointed.
Lillian Keats turns 90 (larger version)
Lillian Keats turns 90!
December 29: Family and friends gathered at the Masonic Lodge to celebrate Mrs. Keats' 90 years. Darts and hockey were not available but a birthday cake and warm wishes were in abundance.
Passing of Aunt Bella
December 24: The passing of Bella McLean Shouse. The funeral for this iconic Daughter of Labrador occurred on December 28 and marked the end of a community "power couple". From encounters with Charles Lindbergh to stories of her early days in Kenemish, Aunt Bella left a great legacy in the history of Labrador.
Santa to the Coast 2014 (larger version)
Santa to the Coast
December 20: Caroline joined Santa and others in the annual deliver of Christmas loot bags. This year, the Rotary Club and Air Labrador (Nunatsiavut Group of Companies) visited Hopedale, Postville, Makkovik and Rigolet. The weather was brisk but the reception was warm.
Dwight Ball with Yvonne and Perry (larger version)
Visit by Dwight Ball
December 19-20: The leader of the NL Liberal Party traveled to HV-GB for a series of discussions and community events. The highlight was a large gathering at the Kinsmen Centre, hosted by MP Yvonne Jones and Liberal Candidate Perry Trimper. The visit was a useful opportunity for the "local team" to interact with Dwight after an exciting string of by-election victories.
Volunteers (larger version)
Roland Shears Memorial Christmas Hamper Program
December 19: Volunteers gathered to deliver 250 hampers of food and gifts for struggling families in the region. Several days of preparation led by the Lake Melville Ministerial Association culminated in the outpouring of support for our neighbours in need. Paula Dawe, Sterling Curl, Max Butler, and many others were there to help.
IEMR Breakfast
December 19: The environmental community gathered to mark the final breakfast hosted by the Institute for Environmental Monitoring and Research. While the mandate for this important organization will end on March 31, 2015, the Goose Bay Marketing Committee and others are committed to seeing this annual event continue.
CBC Turkey Drive (larger version)
CBC Turkey Drive
December 12: Perry and Caroline, other members of the Rotary Club, and many throughout the community met at the front lawn of the CBC in the drive-by turkey drop to support the Roland Shears Christmas Hamper program. Visit CBC Turkey Drive for the podcasts.
October 12: Special kudos to the organizers and other volunteers who ensured a successful running of the Trapline Marathon. With approximately 300 athletes, there is a need for a huge community effort to ensure everyone participated safely. Visit Trapline Marathon Website for information on the event, sponsors, 2014 results and more.
Goose Bay Marketing Committee
December 9: With the increase in training activity at 5 Wing Goose Bay, this subcommittee of the Town of HV-GB met again after several years absence. Chaired by Dean Clarke, this important group of primarily government bureaucrats coordinates interdepartmental cooperation as the base prepares for growth. The Wing Commander, Lt. Col. Luc Sabourin, hosted the annual Christmas reception that evening.
Heart and Stroke Foundation
October 7: Perry joined Liberal Party MHAs, Candidates and Staff for the 'Big Red Bike' ride around the downtown area of St. John's. This fun 'fundraiser' generated money for a good cause and served as a great team building event. Visit Heart and Stroke Foundation - Big Bike Website for information on how to join or start a team or sponsor.
Premier's Summit on Health Care
December 8: Perry and Caroline participated in consultations regarding the state of primary health care in the province.
September 26 - NunatuKavut President Todd Russell was awarded the Aboriginal Order of Canada in Ottawa. The award honours those who have made significant contributions to the aboriginal community in Canada. Visit Congress of Aboriginal Peoples Website to view the press release.
Nature Atlas Launched
December 2: Labrador Nature Atlas launched by Nature Conservancy of Canada at the College of the North Atlantic. Work stations demonstrated the capabilities of this accumulated information. Perry served on the board of this important initiative for the past 3 years. Visit Nature Conservancy for more information.
SPCA Fundraiser
October 5: Perry and Zoey, with many others, walked on the North Side at the annual SPCA fundraising event. This year over $7000 was raised for this important organization. Visit HVGB SPCA Website for information on how to donate or adopt/foster a pet.
Cancer Soiree Fundraiser
November 29: Annual Cancer Society Soiree provided a nice evening in support of those battling this disease and to find a cure.
Walk a Mile in His Shoes
October 5: Staying on the walking theme, Perry and Zoey joined other Rotarians in a downtown fundraising walk to address prostate cancer. This annual effort contributes over $4000 annually for research. Visit Canadian Cancer Society Website for details on Walk a Mile in His Shoes and other fundraising events.
Rotary Television Auction
November 23: The annual Rotary International television auction raised over $35,000 for local and international charities. Thanks to the volunteers, businesses and bidders. Visit HV-GB Rotary Website for more information on this and other Rotary events.
October 4: Gail Turner has been appointed to the Board of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. She recently attended her first meeting with this national organization in Winnipeg. Visit Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Website for bio on Gail.
Labrador Heritage Society
November 20: Board meeting held in North West River. Visit Labrador Heritage Society Website .
Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic Workshop
October 3-4: Perry attended several sessions during this two-day international workshop in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. On Saturday morning, he joined Tom Paddon (Baffinland) and Ches Andersen (Aurora Resources) for a special panel session on industry perspectives when working in northern communities. Visit Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic Website for details on the 4th annual workshop agenda.
November 18-25: Another great Labrador Creative Arts Festival - the 39th. Hats off to the organizers, volunteers and participants from across Labrador and beyond. Visit Labrador Creative Arts Festival Website or Labrador Creative Arts Festival Facebook site for details.
Ground Search and Rescue Team
October 1, 2014: The Happy Valley-Goose Bay Team held its annual election of executive and other positions on at the Friendship Centre. Perry agreed to stay on as Secretary to support this important volunteer organization.
HV-GB Special Olympics AGM
November 16: Perry attended the AGM for the Happy Valley-Goose Bay 'Howling Huskies' Special Olympics Club. The organization is doing well and the volunteers are enjoying great community support.
September 30, 2014: Congratulations to Edward Mesher on being appointed to the Board of NUNAKATIGET Inuit Nunaliujuni Corporation-Nigit Timingutitauningit Inuit Community Corporation Inc.
HV-GB Seniors Committee
November 12: Perry was invited to discuss issues with the executive of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Seniors Committee. Perry offered to facilitate a consultation session with seniors in coming weeks.
Special Olympics Walk
September 28, 2014: Special Olympics athletes and supporters gathered in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to walk and/or jog to raise the profile of this organization. Perry and Zoey joined the event. Visit Special Olympics NL Website for additional details on how to become involved and scheduled events.
September 29, 2014: Congratulations to Hilda Broomfield-Letemplier on being appointed to the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board. Hilda is excited about this opportunity, about the exciting progress aboriginal entrepreneurs are making in Labrador and being able to bring back lessons learned from elsewhere. Visit National Aboriginal Economic Development Board Website for additional details.
Remembrance Day 2014, HVGB (larger version)
Remembrance Day
November 11: Perry and Caroline attended the annual services at the Commonwealth Cemetery and at the Royal Canadian Legion. A large crowd gathered at both locations, despite the cold temperature.

Perry laid a wreath for close friend Cpl. Greg LaRose who died during Peace Keeping duties at the Golan Heights in 1993.