Liberal Candidate for Lake Melville
Step 1: Nomination Process
Thank You!
First of all - I am a little late getting off the mark this morning, as my world has changed dramatically in the last few hours (see The Labradorian Website, NL Liberal Website and CBC Labrador Morning Website for additional details). The volume of congrats (on facebook, email, twitter, and in person) is overwhelming - thanks to so many of you for your words of wisdom, encouragement and physical energy over the last three months. I am looking forward to Step #2. Although my name was on the winning ticket as the Liberal Candidate for Lake Melville, it was a family (with my Campaign Manager and wife Caroline and our dependent dog Zoey) and team effort with our friends, colleagues and neighbours - so WE all won at the end of the day.

I would also suggest that Lake Melville won as my competitors Lori Dyson and Brandon Pardy worked hard and wanted the same objective of a stronger Labrador. So whether you supported me or one of the other candidates, I thank you for your participation so far.

Regards, Perry
September 25, 2014