Liberal Candidate for Lake Melville
On the Issues
Perry is offering Lake Melville a new approach to politics. Using a team approach he will listen and lead on key issues for a stronger Labrador!

For Labrador to succeed Perry believes there is need for more:
  • Listening – to the people of Labrador;
  • Learning – from other northern experience;
  • Problem Solving – not problem creation;
  • Planning – that prepares Labradorians for opportunities; and a
  • Commitment to a positive and long-term Provincial government mind set.
Let's Work Together to Bring the District of Lake Melville and Labrador Forward on the Provincial Scene

Have you noticed how Labrador shines when individuals, families and communities come together for a common objective? The Labrador Winter Games are an excellent example of what happens when we unite with one voice. Labrador needs to find a way to achieve this 'team approach' more often. Can we create a process whereby everyone can contribute and ensure that ...'no one gets left behind'?

Labrador has much promise with its abundant natural and human resources. But before going any further, we should pause to ensure the decisions made today will be beneficial for the future generations who will call Labrador home. There is an opportunity to learn from other northern regions to develop Labrador in a manner that inspires the Youth, engages the workforce, and respects the wishes of Elders.

We Need to Fly the Labrador Flag

Did you know?

... that the Acadian flag has official status in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

... that Acadians feel proud their culture, history and geography are represented.

... that these provinces remain intact and life goes on.

... Our flag is a similar symbol. After 40 years, we need to fly our flag for a stronger, not weaker, Newfoundland and Labrador!

The Role of 5 Wing Goose Bay

... The Base, Airport and associated infrastructure represent the economic anchor for Lake Melville, the transportation hub for Labrador, and an important national and continental defence role for Canada.

... In 2003, concerned citizens formed the Goose Bay Citizen's Coalition to ensure a positive future for the Base. Perry Trimper was selected to serve as the Chair of this organization. The GBCC worked closely with municipal, union, aboriginal, provincial and federal leaders to secure the current political commitment and over 300 civilian jobs

... Moving forward, this important infrastructure and professional work force need to be foremost on the regional 'planning radar'... Perry Trimper has the experience to coordinate the required team approach at the Provincial level.

An Inclusive Society for Labrador

... A wise Labrador leader once told me his main struggle was to ensure 'all' were being considered. He felt that if people wanted to improve their position, leaders should create the opportunity. As I go 'door-to-door' meeting everyone in pursuit of this nomination, it is clear some are feeling 'left behind'

... Examples of where more attention is needed include: recreational facilities for seniors and those with physical disabilities... employment for disabled workers... support for low-income housing... victims of bullying... home care for seniors ... and so on.

... While the solutions will not be easy, the first step will be to listen to those who need our help such as

Thank you for the advice to date, I look forward to your support in the nomination and moving forward!